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A Bespoke Development in Klang

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Commercial City in KSL Bandar Bestari Serve the needs of 30,000 population in Klang

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Unlocking various prospects, the commercial units within KSL Bandar Bestari is a business, financial, and entertainment hub which gives rise to many attractive yields, creating a dynamic conglomerate within 30,000 population resides around Klang

  • Set within 448 acres of Bandar Bestari, this 90 acre commercial city is the upcoming leading business and financial hub in the Klang region followed by Maple Residences Retail Unit.

  • KSL Bandar Bestari development is well-supported by functional features and facilities that bring along the lifestyle of having everything at “One Place”, reflected by the name of township. The township is being surrounded by public amenities such as LRT Johan Setia, shuttle busses, residential enclaves, excellent accessibility to / from major highways as well as near to town centers.

  • From an aerial view, it is undeniably majestic to see a township wrapped by 52 acres French-inspired Garden along a Blackwater River.

Located near KSL Esplanade Mall. The Shopping Mall is poised to become a vibrant suburban center of art, culture and commerce in Klang by year end of 2022

Commercial City, strategic location for business-minded

Our best kept hidden gems are yours to discover. Built for the achievers who want a life of fulfillment, modern convenient and purpose, KSL Bandar Bestari is all about fulfilling dreams living area that in balance with the environment and ever-changing lifestyle in these modern era.

Bringing the best to the community, KSL Bandar Bestari committed to provide nearby community and residents with opportunity to invest in the commercial sector. Following the successful handover of Bandar Bestari Business Park, KSL is now offering retail units at Commercial City (ComCity).

The ComCity is a freehold property with 67 units of three-storey commercial lots with built up sizes of 4,621 squarefeet, It is conceptualized by Regional Development Consortium Architect, an award-winning architect.

How important is location to your business?

According to Business News Daily (2020), If you run a business that is outward-facing in any way, which means dealing with clients or customers, you need to thoroughly consider how your location will contribute to your business.

Your location should be inviting and refined, depending on the type of business you're running. It should create a positive association for clients and customers so they think highly of your business.

Choose Commercial City, Choose to Prosper Your Business.

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