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More than just a mall

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KSL Esplanade Mall

Delivering promises,community within surrounds of KSL Bandar Bestari can finally enjoy everything within the doorstep.


Klang is one of the Klang Valley’s largest and most populous townships with a catchment of 724,964 people. It takes about a 20-minute drive to KL City Centre, with 87 percent wealthy achievers and prosperity in top occupation categories.

Today, KSL Bandar Bestari is the Best Integrated Township in Klang with an exclusive blend of premium landed residential homes, strata properties, a 90-acres commercial and retail nucleus as well as the 597 units of high-rise residential.

Boost a nature concept

To relax and freshens the tired minds and soul, the 52-acres of French Inspired Garden is definitely making KSL Esplanade Mall different from the rest. Inspired by the green movement, Our Shopping Mall incorporate landscaping and other natural features to redefines the actual concept of “Shopping Mall” to be visually pleasing.

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Excellent accessibilities, security & amenities


The Unique Selling Points

KSL Esplanade Mall is designed as a third space, which best defined as a location where individual can experience a transformative sense of self, identity and relation to others.
Third Space concept is derived from sociocultural term to designate communal space, as distinct from the home (first space), work (second space), and Shopping Mall as a third space.


KSL Esplanade Mall is truly serving as an iconic development with a unique blend of retailers and attraction at its best. It rejuvenates the whole city, making it as a perfect place for all.

Friends Enjoying Outdoors

A local population of 830,000 population within a 15-minute drive

Within Matured Population

  • Surrounded by many prominent and affluent residential neighbourhoods

  • The connectivity is bore by 4 excellent access route to and from densely populated towns

  • Located next to the upcoming LRT Johan Setia that will be operating in year 2024.



Strategic Masterplan

Located within self integrated development with an exclusive blend of premium landed residential homes, high rise residential properties, 90-acre commercial and retail nucleus as well as a business centre.

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