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Every member is determined by the accumulative value of the properties.

Because we value you so much, so we also entitled you start-up points.

Worry not, it is upgradeable!

The membership tiers

Your entitlement are

Your entitlement are

Your entitlement are

6,500 start-up points

Welcome gift

3% of Repeat Purchase Rewards

Referral rewards up to 8,000 points

Tier is upgradeable

Points are transferable

8,000 start-up points

Welcome gift

4% of Repeat Purchase Rewards

Referral rewards up to 8,000 points

Tier is upgradeable

Points are transferable

5,000 start-up points

Welcome gift

2% of Repeat Purchase Rewards

Referral rewards up to 8,000 points

Tier is upgradeable

Points are transferable

KSL Pal Website-01.png

Enjoy the new added benefits

KSL Pal's Loyalty Program

Don't say we don't bojio you ! With KSL Pal's Loyalty Program,  to save and to earn is now get even easier.

Well, you deserve this!


Sit back, relax and trust us on this. We're about to make buying house moments a breeze

This is what we meant.. to save and to earn at the same time

Buying the house has never

 been this rewarding 

 Check out how we can make your journey more rewarding with

the loyalty program.

You are entitled to 2% – 4% rebates* for your future property purchases.

*Terms and conditions apply

Buy more, save even more

When a buyer gets another buyer, what do they get in return?


In this program, you will get a Points Referral Reward for successful property purchase referrals which can be converted to cash!

*Terms and conditions apply

Refer more, earn even more

You are top priority

Because you are a priority to us, you will be among the first to be invited to KSL corporate events, roadshow, inaugural ceremony as well as priority to select preferred unit before public launches. Exciting! 

We have birthday treat. Open your eyes

You are always special in our heart! Thus we are giving you a surprise birthday treat that can be utilizes within birthday month!

How to activate the account? 

Dont worry, We've got you covered!

Before you activate the KSL Pal's Membership, make sure you've received the physical card being sent to your billing address.

Make sure your membership card is with you.

Click here to read all the Terms & Conditions.

The last step is important to us. Please take some time to complete the form and submit it to us as part of the activation process.

Let's not forget all your

favourite promotions from us!

Low Booking Fees

Zero Downpayment

Fully Furnished

FREE MOT, SPA & Loan Legal Fees

Say hello to new experiences

with the KSL Pal's Loyalty Program

Yay! We now belong to each other. The card is now for you to keep tightly in your wallet. It is designed exclusively so that it hard to miss in your wallet! Just bring over to our sales gallery to check your accumulated points, redeem or perform any kind of transaction.

To keep update with us, scan the QR code to download the loyalty apps.

KSL Sales Gallery

Bandar Bestari Sales Office

No 2 Jalan Langat KS9

41200 Klang


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