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Refer more, earn even more

Sit back, relax and trust us on this. We're about to make buying house moments a breeze

This is what we meant.. to save and to earn at the same time

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The Buyer Get Buyer (BGB) 

When a buyer gets another buyer, what do they get in return?


In this program, you will get a Points Referral Reward for successful property purchase referrals which can be converted to cash!

Maple Residences 

(Type A)

5,000 points

Maple Residences 

(Type B)

6,500 points


8,000 points

The Procedures for

Buyer Get Buyer Privileges

Make sure your KSL Pal's Membership Card is

already activated! If not, you can learn how to do so here!

Refer family & friends via website registration or walk in 

to the Privilege branch to register.

You will be receiving a SMS notification or call for successful appointment. You are responsible to bring the prospect to Sales Gallery to complete the process. Don't worry, our Manager on Duty will be assist.

For every successful reference, the rewards will be credited in a point form into introducer's acccount.

You may withdraw the points when it reaches minimum of 15,000 points. To redeem, kindly visit privilege branch at KSL Bandar Bestari Klang to complete the redemption.

How to transfer points?

Dont worry, we're here to help !

Do you know that all your points can be transferable to third party by following ways.

Transferor or KSL Pal's Member

need to provide followings documents

to complete the transfer process.

  1.  Transfer form and  PDP Clause;

  2.  A copy of each of the KPP Recipient's and KPP Transferor's NRIC;

  3. ​ A copy of each of the KPP Recipient's & KPP Transferor ​membership card.

Walk in to the privilege branch

at KSL Bandar Bestari Klang

Transfer process completed

KSL Sales Gallery

Bandar Bestari Sales Office

No 2 Jalan Langat KS9

41200 Klang


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